Dates, changes and highlights of Fortnite season 4

What about meteorites? What changes do not appear in the patch notes? We tell you about it in this guide.

New to Fortnite? You haven't played for a while and have you returned with the fourth season of the game? You're in the right place: while the season 4 The most popular battle royale of the moment does not introduce major changes, in this guide we will tell you everything you need to know about the new big step in Fortnite.

Remember that all the content that we cover in this guide corresponds specifically to content from season 4 and Fortnite update 4.0. If you need help with general content of the game, do not hesitate to take a look at the main Fortnite guide.

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What is and how long is season 4?

Fortnite does not have a regular progression system in which you increase your statistics or get new abilities, but it does have a season system in which you can level up an optional battle pass as you play to unlock new aesthetic rewards of all kinds, as well as temporary enhancers.

Season 4 is available now, and will last ten weeks (until July 2018). Stay tuned to Epic Games for any possible planning changes. If you've been minimally attentive to the latest news in the game, you probably know that players have been spotting meteorites in the sky for weeks, which are neither more nor less than the new protagonists of the battle royale.

Battle pass

As we said before, season 4 is accompanied by a optional battle pass It is sold in the game store for 950 V-Bucks, which are the premium currency of the game and are equivalent to about 10 euros. If you decide to buy it, you can complete a series of weekly challenges that will reward you with experience points. As you level up your pass, you will unlock rewards. Getting the pass to level 100 will take you between 75 and 100 hours of play, although you do not need to rigorously complete all the week-in-week challenges as well - challenges from previous weeks are still available to those who join later in the same season.

Similarly, players who prefer to skip the checkout can unlock other rewards by completing daily challenges that are available to everyone. Want to see the new outfits, gestures, and graffiti? We leave them on video.1

Meteor shower

Many players speculated that Tilted Floors was going to suffer a cruel fate at the hands of meteorites as soon as Epic kicked off Season 4, but it hasn't. Instead, it is other locations that have been impacted by meteorites. And you know what? If you explore the crater, you will find some meteorite stones called jump rocks.

This is a new type of consumable that allows you to jump higher and take longer to land, as if you were in an antigravity state. They are a lot of fun, and they also have the potential to unlock crazy plays with the best snipers and rocket launchers.

Save the world

If you like the PvE side of Fortnite more, Savar el Mundo, you will be happy to know that there is also something new for this mode. More specifically, the Blockbuster Event - Part 1: Origin Story, which invites us to explore the meteorite and recruit a team of superheroes. Additionally, certain enemies will drop building materials or even schematics upon death.

I am a Fortnite veteran!

If you already know Fortnite and are familiar with the most important mechanics and announcements of the game, we may still have interesting news to tell you that could have gone unnoticed.

  • It will take longer to level up than in the past. Not too much, but you will notice that to go up a pass from 24 to 25 you will need 2,900 experience points instead of 1,900. But not everything is so bad: the experience reward for completing weekly challenges has been increased to compensate, and you will get 5,000 points instead of 4,000 as in the previous season.
  • The store return system has been temporarily disabled, but will return once it meets the approval of Epic.
  • The meteorites have already done their thing, but now they have discovered a nuclear bomb on top of a mountain. Will they blow up the map at the end of season 4?
  • There is a new location, Risky Reels, to the northeast of the season 4 map. Other locations affected by the meteorite, such as the prison, have changed their orography and in some cases even their name. For example, Rusty Pivot is now Dusty Divot. How original, right?
  • You can now destroy structures on the game loading screen, where you cannot kill anyone.
  • The head hitbox has been prioritized ahead of all damage, which means that those situations where you happened to be aiming for someone's head disappear and their hand magically protects them from the coup de grace.
  • Damage generated on impact is now visible to other players even when playing in spectator mode.
  • You can see structures created by other players from much further away than before.