Farpoint: Details of your PS VR Aim gun controller and compatible games

ROM: Extraction, The Brookhaven Experiment or Dick Wilde can be played with this peripheral.

A few days after the premiere of Farpoint, one of the most anticipated video games of PlayStation VR, the team responsible for this first-person action adventure has dedicated a few words to the curious peripheral that will accompany his work, the PlayStation VR Aim Controller or "gun command", as they define themselves.

"From the very beginning of Farpoint development we wanted to have a way of physically connect the player to the game and create a much deeper immersion in the world we were designing. That shape ended up being the 'gun controller' of PlayStation VR, "said the founder of Impulse Gear, who believes that with this device they have made "point and shoot more natural and intuitive".

"We started working on the gun controller when we had the idea that using a gun-like controller to play shooter games on PlayStation VR would make the experience much more immersive," adds one of the device's lead designers, Takeshi. Igarashi. "We gave priority to the position of the trigger and the analog sticks, which are essential in a shooter. We placed the buttons around the analog sticks so that players could intuitively move their thumbs around, without having to change the way they hold the peripheral. "

Another of its architects, Taichi Nokuo, also comments that one of its maxims was that the player, with virtual reality glasses on, could use the controller "safely and comfortably [...] and that the controller could be used as any type weapon in game ". The decision was made that the peripheral should not look like any real weapon, "so that everyone, from children to adults, would feel comfortable playing with it."

Farpoint goes on sale on May 17, and will do so with a special pack which includes the video game and PlayStation VR Aim Controller by 89.99 euros. In addition to this action title, other games such as ROM: Extraction, The Brookhaven Experiment and Dick Wilde have confirmed their compatibility with the peripheral.