Famitsu teases details about God Eater 3's arsenal

This sequel will arrive on PC and PS4, although its release date remains undisclosed.

Following the celebration of the eighth anniversary of the God Eater series, the well-known Japanese publication Famitsu has advanced in its latest issue some news regarding the arsenal, abilities and new enemies that will debut in God Eater 3.

Among the debuting weapons of this installment, we find the laser cannon (Raygun) whose power progressively increases as we keep the beam open; as well as a new mixed sheet called Biting Edge, which can be wielded as a double sword or as a heavy blade with extended range and air strikes at the cost of resenting our resistance.

It will also release an acceleration ability (Accel Trigger), which greatly increases our capabilities if certain requirements are met: the harsher its conditions, the more power it gives us. We can activate the ability whenever we want. Along with it appears the cooperative ability Engage, which allows us to unleash certain combos with our allies if we stay close to them when we fight.

Finally, details have been revealed about the new Calamitous Aragami (Aragami of Calamity), which are characteristic of the new region and possess powers similar to Burst. Among them are Anubis and Lord Rah, the latter capable of spitting fireballs.

God Eater 3 is coming to PC and PS4. It will reach the West, but there is no formally set release date yet. If you want to see the game in motion, check out the latest God Eater 3 gameplay.