Final Fantasy V's Exdeath will fight in Dissidia Final Fantasy

Confirmed in a recent trailer. The video game is coming to PlayStation 4.

In the absence of knowing when we can play it in Playstation 4, the confirmation of new fighters for Dissidia Final Fantasy It is always pleasant news, since it is expected that the port of the Sony console ends up having all of them. The latest addition has been Exdeath, villain from Final Fantasy V.

After Final Fantasy Dissidia this Koei Tecmo and the Team ninja. The video game, for now, has only been released on arcade machines in Japan. In his presentation it was specified that he would reach Playstation 4 on a date to be determined. Dissidia had two deliveries in PSP, but the new production does not share too many elements with these titles.

When will Dissidia Final Fantasy come out on PS4? It is likely that Square enix take advantage of some of the main events of the 30th anniversary of the franchise to answer this question.