Everything is the first game to be eligible for an Oscar award

The game has achieved the necessary qualification to be eligible for the award from the film academy.

Everything is an original independent title developed by David OReilly which has managed to become the first game qualified to win an award from the United States Film Academy, curiously, in the category of Animated Short.

The game is centered on the premise "be what you want to be". A very imaginative concept that tries to explore the "what are things" and understand how they work and interact with their environment. It is not an easy experience to describe, as there is no narrative line or goals to achieve. Everything simply invites you to play by turning the user into whatever element appears on the screen.

This is a landmark event for the industry, achieved after winning the jury award in the Animation category at the Vienna Shorts Festival. An award obtained thanks to the fact that the game includes a mode in which it works automatically, without the need for a human component. The chances of getting the famous golden statuette are remote, since one of the requirements to be able to participate in the race for the Oscar is that the participants must have been released in cinemas, something that is difficult for a video game, although not impossible.

An atypical news for an atypical game, which has surprised even its own developer.