These are our favorite projectors to enjoy video games on a giant screen

We talk about this peripheral and which are our favorite models.

When we consider the purchase of a screen to view our games, or simply enjoy multimedia entertainment, in general, we tend to think of televisions or monitors depending on the space we have and our position in it. However, there is a third peripheral in contention that, on many occasions, is unjustly forgotten; especially by the players. We are talking about projector, the fastest and most affordable way to get a large screen. Today we want to claim its use for video games by proposing some of the models, with an acceptable price, that we like the most.

About projectors to play

The projector, as a device, is surely no stranger to any of our readers. Not surprisingly, they are commonly used in crowded spaces such as cinemas; as well as the only option at a reasonable price through which we can -consumers- acquire large screens, especially if we stop to look at the price of panels that exceed 75 ".

This is due to the magnification factor of the image that the projectors, due to their operation, offer. An operation that, in the case of modern LCD projectors, follows many of the principles that also give life to our monitors and televisions; which is why many projectors on the market offer relatively similar features to these other devices.

However, it is important to note that projectors, due to their market and production They cannot compete with what a monitor or television can offer us of equivalent price; although the benefits of these devices are still valid for players who prefer -or need- large screens.

What to look for in a projector to play games

Regardless of other factors of interest to this device, such as have a suitable environment for its placement, or the extras that may be included for the players; As with televisions and, to a lesser extent, desktop monitors, the greatest enemy of a projector for gamers is the added latency on final image. Regardless of the quality of a projector, high enough latency can make it impossible to enjoy the vast majority of titles.

In this scenario, projectors are in a situation relatively similar to televisions, with models that take these problems into account, compared to others that ignore them or do not solve them satisfactorily. For a projector, a good latency level should be kept below 40 ms before being considered "unplayable". A latency of one 40 ms gives us a delay of around 2 frames with respect to our action in a title at a refresh rate of 60 Hz; while a latency of 16 ms - which we find in most televisions and projectors to play games - does not reach the full picture between action and representation on screen.

Our favorite models

After all the preamble in text, we come to the heart of this buying guide: the recommendations. On this occasion, we have not imposed a budget limit, but we have taken into account different price levels. This selection is ordered according to said price, from the most affordable to the most expensive of them:

Apeman LC350 projector: a good option for very little

A very valid option to get a functional projector for less than 100 euros. Due to this low price, this model remains in a low native resolution, of about 800x480p that we can scale up to FHD levels; although we must be aware that we will lose some image quality. In return, we win an affordable screen, of good size, with an acceptable added latency and a good level of brightness -3,800 lumens- so that we can enjoy it even in rooms without adaptation.

Buy Apeman LC350 Projector for 89.99 euros

Yaber Y31 projector: a leap in quality in acceptable margins

Doubling our budget we obtain an important quality leap both in image and in performance. The Yaber Y31 is below 200 euros; for which we obtain a projector with native resolution 1920x1080p scalable up to 4K; a substantial improvement in the integrated speakers; and a better performance in scenarios with abundant light - not ideal for a project - thanks to its good level of contrast and its 7,000 lumens.

Buy Yaber 7000 Projector for 198.09 euros

Optoma HD143X projector: a model designed for gamers

Doubling our budget again, we finally place ourselves on models with features designed for gamers; such as an added low latency -16 ms in the case of this model- and the appearance of the game mode. It is one of the most affordable low-latency models on the current market, although in more general sections this model remains "stagnant" with respect to our previous image quality proposal.

Buy Optoma HD143X Projector for 449 euros

ViewSonic PX706HD - Big picture and low response time

Although somewhat older, the PX706HD remains, in our eyes, one of the most interesting projector options for gaming. This short-throw model boasts a native resolution of 1920x1080p at 120Hz, an excellent level of contrast in poorly prepared rooms, decent built-in speakers and an added 16ms latency in most scenarios. This is reflected in its price, which is dangerously close to that of upper-middle-range televisions; but it is one of the most affordable options to get a functional screen for large games.

Buy ViewSonic PX706HD for 669 euros

ViewSonic PX747-4K projector: Native 4K for smooth gaming

Closing our list we have another ViewSonic models, this time, the PC747. It is a projector with native 4K resolution up to 120Hz dynamic, HDR support and added low latency for gamers. Its image quality is excellent and bright, with a good level of contrast even in rooms not conditioned for its use; always supported by the 3,500 lumens it has. There are numerous models with various additional features and extras, but, below the $ 900 mark, we strongly believe that it is the best native 4K option for gaming.

Buy ViewSonic PX747-4K for 879.98 euros