These are the 20 worst video games in history according to Metacritic

There are video games that have the dubious honor of topping the list of worst titles of all time. We review the twenty worst according to the average of marks achieved in Metacritic.

We all like to make lists and review our favorite video games. However, we routinely forget those names that give us nightmares and seldom come up with one with the titles we least liked. Those that we try to forget and that we never want to see again. Tastes are made up of a thousand and one subjective aspects, although there are times when not even the most personal opinion can cover such obvious defects.

When we talk about bad video games there are names that quickly come to the fore like Super Man 64 or John Romero's Daikatana, among others. However, according to the average Metacritic score, they are far from being considered the worst. Neither is the recent Warcraft III: Reforged despite the criticism received during these days. Do you want to know which are the worst? Join us in this review of the worst rated titles in Metacritic.


Family Party: 30 Great Games Obstacle Arcade 11 on average on Metacritic. This is a compilation of minigames released for Wii U and has the dubious honor of being the least valued title of all time.


Ride to Hell: Retribution 16 on average on Metacritic. Surprisingly, the game managed to generate quite a bit of buzz in the months leading up to its release. It seems that the combination of motorcycles and violence did not finish curdling.


Yaris 17 on average on Metacritic. The Toyota Yaris has always been a well-known car, although it seems that it was not a good idea to develop a video game dedicated to the utility of the Japanese firm.


Leisure Suit Larry: Box Office Bust 17 on average on Metacritic. Larry did not do well this time, and the "spicy" franchise has a true legion of followers and has left us several highly acclaimed titles.


Vroom in the Night Sky 17 on average on Metacritic. Witch races aboard flying motorcycles in the middle of the desert. What could go wrong? The funny thing is that they could fly with their magic broom, although it seems that they prefer to carry it like a sword.


Double Dragon II: Wander of the Dragons 17 on average on Metacritic. A real - and unpleasant - surprise. And it is impossible to believe that in this list there is an installment of a franchise that to this day continues to be a living myth.


SPOGS Racing 18 on average on Metacritic. Another racing title on the list. This time focused on a most peculiar vehicle. We recognize that we have not been able to put a proper name to those ... wheels with exhaust pipes?


Alone in the Dark: illumination 19 on average on Metacritic. This game never had the approval of fans of the saga. And it is that going from Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare to this is a true descent into hell.


deal or no deal 20 on average on Metacritic. Did you see the Right Price? Well, this would be a similar version broadcast on Dutch television. We don't know if the show was good, but it looks like the game was out of luck.


Infestation: Survivor Stories 20 on average on Metacritic. The combination of MMORPG and zombie holocaust has left us many titles during the last decade. It seems this is not one of the best. And that in images is attractive ...


Afro Samurai 2: Revenge of Kuma 21 on average on Metacritic. Its predecessor came close to notable in the reviews, so this sequel came to make good that saying that the second parts were never good.


Drake of the 99 Dragons 22 on average on Metacritic. When it came to Steam after doing the same on Xbox 360, there were many who remembered that we were facing the launch of one of the worst games in history. What a fame ...


Fast & Furious: Showdown 22 on average on Metacritic. Another racing title on the list. The saga is very popular in the cinema, but it seems that it is another of those cases in which the adaptation to video games usually goes wrong.


Rambo The Video Game 23 on average on Metacritic. Rambo couldn't miss the party. On the internet, the jokes about this game are the equivalent of what happened at the time with the mythical Super Man 64.


Charlie's angels 23 on average on Metacritic. Both the series issued in the late 70s and the 2000 film managed to create a large community of followers. It seems that the official video game did not like too much.


Homie rollerz 23 on average on Metacritic. Developed by a single person in order to win a bet, the game is considered among the worst that we can find on Nintendo DS. We imagine what kind of bet it was ...


FlatOut 3: Chaos & Destruction 23 on average on Metacritic. FlatOut has left us very interesting video games thanks to its combination of arcade driving and scene destruction. However, this installment looks like the black sheep of the family.


Fighter within 23 on average on Metacritic. It is a fighting title developed for Kinect. Imprecise, short and without charisma are some of the hardest blows that his fighters received in the analysis before their releases.


Press Racer 24 on average on Metacritic. We promise you it is the last racing game on the list. Although the pictures are not particularly bad, the simplicity of their careers and their lack of variety of cars and circuits put an end to the dream of reaching the pole position.


Legends of Wrestling II 24 on average on Metacritic. It is not the first time that a video game in the franchise has failed in criticism. At least this one can boast of appearing in a ranking, even if it's one that cites the worst games ever.

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