This is the player with the most platinum trophies on PlayStation

Hakoom is one of only two players to have surpassed the 1200 platinum mark worldwide.

On April 9, Hakam Karim, better known as Hakoom, surpassed the 1,200 platinum trophy mark in PlayStation thanks to NiOh. Since 2009, this competitive gamer has led the world ranking of players with the highest range of challenges offered by Sony console titles.

In an interview with Eurogamer, Hakoom values ​​the importance of trophies as a fundamental part of player profiles. His approach to "trophy hunting" is pretty much that of a second job that starts once he gets home. It is his quest to achieve these difficult achievements. Hakoom has conscientiously played even small titles that have not been released in the West. His perseverance has become addictive for him, and driven by rivalry with other users, he claims that "Others may feel ashamed to play so many games because they are weak and have no spirit."

Despite his dedication, Hakoom regrets the lack of support and recognition Sony shows towards him. He says he has not even received a message of gratitude from the Japanese company despite his loyalty to the brand and his efforts, but that despite his displeasure, he will continue to play.