This Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice parody is the funniest thing you'll see today

A group of fans has made an imaginative live-action version of the hit From Software game.

FromSoftware has managed to win the hearts of gamers thanks to the steel of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. Among the large number of fanarts dedicated to this title, stands out this recent parody starring a group of fans and that moves game action to real world, taking care of all the details.

In a riot of imagination, these Chinese fans reenact some of Sekiro's most outstanding fights, and even present a personal and imaginative version of an idol made of people. With little more than a sword, a field, a camera and a desire to have fun, they have managed to create one of the most original tributes to the game we have seen. They only missed some of the weapons from Sekiro that teaches you how to make this other video.

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