This guide shows you how to redownload Silent Hills P.T.

Of course, the fix is ​​only possible for those who had the game installed on their PS4.

The playable teaser for Silent Hills left very few fans in the industry indifferent in its announcement a couple of years ago. However, after a series of moves between Konami and Hideo Kojima, P.T was removed from the PlayStation Network. Now, an Anglo-Saxon portal allows the title to be downloaded again for all those who will uninstall it at the time.

That is, those who are not among this select group of users will find little help in this Wololo guide. The first thing, from the PC, will be to have the program installed SUWI, check all your options, find out what is the IP address of our connection, and head to the Playstation 4.

Once in the console, you must go to the network settings, internet connection settings and there customize the connection. How? The option to obtain automatic IP address is marked, do not specify DHCP, automatic DNS and MTU settings and select the option to use a proxy server. Without further ado, enter the IP previously obtained in the computer and choose port number 808. Time to go to the library, find Silent Hills P.T and play!

If you have missed a step, consult the entire guide in its original source.