This great statue of Soul Calibur is made of cardboard and measures 2 meters

A professional replica maker creates a huge Nightmare figure using fast food boxes.

Namco and the American fast food chain Arby's have joined forces to help Volpin Props create an impressive sculpture of Nightmare, as it will appear in the game Soul Calibur VI. It is a project that uses the cardboard of the food boxes of this restaurant chain to make a figure of the character of two meters high.

The video shared by this company specialized in creating replicas of video game objects reviews the process of creating this enormous figure. The great merit of the team is that they have achieved a finish of great detail and enormous size using only the materials provided by the restaurant. The final result was shown at the recent Anime Expo at the beginning of the month, where fans were invited to integrate their messages to the statue.

Nightmare fans will be able to meet the character again in the new installment of this fighting saga next October 19, where he will join Geralt of Rivia, who will be a guest character, and new faces such as the fighter Talim, who will join Soul Calibur VI.

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