Far Cry 5 Specialists and Fighters: Recruit and Make the Most Out of Them

Are you missing allies in Far Cry 5? Find them all with this guide.

The Gate of Eden may be pretty bad vibes, but in Far Cry 5 you never have to fight for the liberation of Hope County alone: ​​in addition to cooperative multiplayer, you will always have access to a host of NPC allies to keep you company on your adventures. . We are talking about specialists and fighters. You may have recruited quite a few so far, but in case you're missing one, we've got you covered with this guide.

First of all, let's do a brief review on this mechanic. What are the differences between specialists and fighters? Quite little actually: they are all allies you can call at any time and have skills to lend you in combat.

Unlock the Magnopulse alien weapon in Far Cry 5

Specialists are very special characters that are unlocked after completing certain side missions. There are some who are human and some who are animals, but all have unique "class" and abilities. They never die, they only fall in combat and retreat for a time. Combatants, for their part, are always human without a special class. We could consider them rank and file soldiers of the resistance. They develop random generic abilities as they fight, but if they fall three times, you won't be able to save them any more.

All Far Cry 5 Specialists Location, Skills and Tips

To unlock each of these allies, you must go to the location indicated in the region of turn and complete the story mission that they will give you there. In general they are easy missions - or at least simple - so you will mainly have to worry about locating the specialist you want and going there. All locations are marked on the map.

Once you have them in your squad, use them as much as you want without fear of dying: the worst that can happen to them is that they have to withdraw from combat. They have a cooldown time, and in most cases you can reduce it by purchasing relevant skills in the last branch of the skill tree.

Jacob region

Hurk Drubman Jr
  • Fort Drubman
  • Explosives
  • It will be useful when you shoot down vehicles with your RPG, but not so much in close combat or against infantry.
Jess black
  • Baron sawmill
  • Huntress
  • She is not a good fighter, but with her bow and arrows she is very useful when clearing a strong enemy without drawing attention from outside.
  • F.A.N.G. Center
  • Heavy
  • He's very healthy and he's a great fighter, but he's not very fast and he certainly draws a lot of attention.

John's Region

Nick rye
  • Rye and Sons Aviation
  • Pilot
  • It is not at all for stealth or has a presence in the middle of a shootout, but if you are outnumbered or have a very annoying vehicle, call him to come by plane to help.
Grace armstrong
  • Lamb of God Church
  • Sniper
  • It will help you take out enemies out of reach, but it does not go directly into firefights and its sniper rifle is very slow. If you have shotguns and other melee weapons, it is your best complement.
  • Rae-Rae's Pumpkin Farm
  • Explorer
  • He is not a good fighter, but he will help you identify enemies and dangers before going into the attack.

Faith Region

Adelaide Drubman
  • Drubman Marina
  • Pilot
  • Forget stealth: this woman shoots a lot and recharges little both in the air and on the ground. Don't ask her to take on snipers, but she's an excellent soldier.
Sharky boshaw
  • Moonflower Park
  • Flamethrower
  • He is your best human asset for melee, as he will use shotguns and flamethrowers to fight. Keep your distance.
  • Taxidermy Peaches
  • Murderess
  • She is not a great fighter and only works for melee, but this cougar will help you to silently execute any enemy you call her. It hides in the grass, so you won't see it coming.

Far Cry 5 Fighters Skills and Tips to Take Advantage of Them

The combatants are common soldiers that can be easily found in the world, once you capture an outpost of the Eden Gate, rescue them from the cultists or reach a town. If you hire them (you don't have to pay them, so just "recruits") they will fight for you in the same way as specialists.

However, they can only fall in combat three times. The fourth time, you can only choose to give them a merciful shot to end their agony. Also, you can only list three of them at a time in your rows. They are apparently weaker than Specialists, so why would you want to call fighters instead?

The answer is that they are more versatile, hence their name. They have two random abilities from a single list, and they wield more diverse weapons. However, the skills are unlocked as they fight for you: the first one appears when they add 5 kills, and the second when they reach 12. During the time they fight for you, they will be great allies. If they die, just find more to recruit.

Additional tips and tricks Use multiple allies at the same time, use them wisely

  • You can unlock extra ally slots to summon two at the same time by purchasing the "leadership" skill in the skill tree.
  • Specialists are stronger and more spectacular, but not necessarily better than fighters.Take a look at the skills of the latter: many of them can come to you better than a specialist depending on what you want to do.
  • Any ally you call will follow you even if you get into a vehicle, although it may take time for them to appear later because they will have to catch up with you.
  • If you have a living ally and you fall in combat, press and hold the hold on to life button - NPCs can revive you too. Even the animals!
  • If a specialist falls in combat, it will take a long time before you can call them back. However, if you kick them out of the squad from the menu, they only take a minute to be available again.