It's official: Kojima Productions, now independent from Konami, is working on an exclusive game for PS4

Hideo Kojima hopes to create a new "cool saga" for PlayStation fans.

Update: Kojima's new game will also be released later on PC

We already anticipated it yesterday. Veteran Hideo kojima has finally left Konami to forge its future with a new development studio that, however, responds to the usual name in the Japanese creative: Kojima Productions.

The first game of this new study will also be exclusive to Playstation 4 as a result of the agreement that the father of Metal Gear has reached with Sony, as pointed out yesterday afternoon. Kojima has said little else about it, stating only that together with his team he will face "new challenges" as an independent studio.

"We are excited to embark on this journey with PlayStation, with whom we have worked for all these years," he highlighted in relation to the exclusivity agreement reached at least with the first of his video games. "I can't wait to offer a game on PlayStation that will become an attractive saga", keep going.

On the part of Sony they have been delighted to have reached this agreement, since they consider that Kojima "has been an important part of the history of PlayStation". Therefore, they add in a press release, "We are delighted that you have chosen to bring your new project to life in collaboration with PlayStation."