Enlisted, a war shooter from World War II, is presented on PC

It will allow us to fight alongside more than a hundred players in epic historical battles.

Eager to return to the battlefields of WWII? Enlisted was born in response to fans of war action crying out for a shooting video game set, once again, in this historical period. It is developed by the team of Darkflow Software In collaboration with Gaijin Entertainment, responsible for War Thunder, and their great promise is to immerse us in colossal battles where more than a hundred players may participate simultaneously.

The video game will allow us to fight, for the moment, in two different campaigns: the Moscow defense and the reconquest of Normandy. Each of them will be released independently or, if you prefer, you can get both. They will not be the only ones. Enlisted is currently seeking financial support from fans, who if they contribute more than $ 250,000 to the project, will lead to a third military campaign that will take place in Tunisia.

Each of these war scenarios will allow us to face a wide variety of missions that took place during the weeks and months of the campaign. They will bet on the tactical action, and among the most striking details, stands out the possibility of partially destroying the scenes and the objects that are there.

At the moment exclusively for PC, developed with the Dagor Engine graphics engine, Enlisted does not rule out landing also in consoles. To do this, a million dollars must be raised. Before that, if $ 500,000 is reached, fans will be able to decide where the fourth military campaign takes place.

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