Find the secret locations of Marvel's Spider-Man

A collectibles guide to unlocking Spider-Man's secret suit.

If you've seen the Marvel's Spider-Man costume chart on the internet or just completed the game, you've no doubt seen the full list of costumes and powers that you can equip the PS4 hot hero with. Most are created with tokens, but if you want to get the secret suit (the 28th on the list) you will have to photograph 50 secret locations. Where are they found? For that you have this guide! And if you need more help, take a look at the main Spider-Man guide.

As you may already know, Insomniac Games does not seem to have wanted to complicate things much with the difficulty of Spider-Man or with his collectibles: thus, if you want to take all the backpacks, just unlock the portion of the shift on the map and follow them from the menu. With secret locations ... it's a bit more complicated. If you get to level 50, you will unlock a proximity sensor that will make your life easier by indicating the location of these special places on the minimap. But not on the main map, be careful.

Things you need to know before fighting in Spider-Man

Remember: the proximity sensor is a recommended tool, but not mandatory. The good news is that by now YouTube is full of videos showing all the secret locations of Marvel's Spider-Man, so we share the one we liked the most below. In case you don't remember how to take photos: press up on the crosshairs, aim with L2 and shoot with R1 when you're ready.

Spider-Man Secret Locations There are 50 in total, spread over 9 districts

  • Hell's Kitchen (4 photos), minute 0:04
  • Greenwich (3 photos), minute 0:37
  • Financial district (8 photos), minute 1:04
  • Chinatown (8 photos), minute 2:07
  • Midtown (3 photos), minute 3:21
  • Upper West Side (5 photos), minute 3:45
  • Harlem (11 photos), minute 4:20
  • Central Park (4 photos), minute 5:39
  • Upper East Side (4 photos), minute 6:03

We strongly recommend that you use a video - the one we provide or any other that you like - if you are going to use help to photograph all the secret locations, because some of them require you to hang or jump in some specific way that you will hardly see represented in images. Do you want to see if the effort is worth it? Then we share the secret suit that you unlock when you finish the task, but we caution that some people might consider it spoiler.

Spider-Man Secret Suit