In Valkyria: Azure Revolution there will be "permanent death"

Losing a character in this tactical role-playing adventure from Sega will leave us without knowing his story.

As in the original, the promising Valkyria: Azure Revolution will retain the option of permanent death that will force us to act with extreme caution in this tactical role-playing adventure destined for PlayStation 4.

Those responsible for the project have highlighted in an interview with Dengeki that this is a question that they have already discussed "other times", and that if in a game "a character cannot die, no sense of danger is transmitted to the player. That is why we've included it, "says the play's director, Takeshi Ozawa.

Losing one of our characters will also mean staying without knowing part of his personal history. "We are preparing stories for everyone, additional events for each character, so that the player is motivated not to let anyone die," adds the producer of Valkyria: Azure Revolution, Youichi Shimosato.

So if someone falls, "the main story will run its course, but the events for those characters will disappear. However," says Ozawa, "just like in Valkyria Chronicles, you can always try again. We want to do that if you try hard. , you can see everything we have prepared. "

On the difficulty of this role-playing adventure edited by Sega, those in charge of Valkyria: Azure Revolution confirm that they are thinking of including an "easy mode" to help the most novice in the genre overcome their challenges, but in general terms the game will maintain the difficulty level of the original.