In Sony they recognize that the quality of virtual reality of PlayStation VR will not be as good as that of Oculus

Remember, yes, that for the computer device you need a very expensive and very powerful PC, and for yours only PS4.

Masayasu Ito, Vice President of Sony Computer Entertainment, has spoken with the Polygon portal about PlayStation VR, and has done so to make it clear that the proximity of the peripheral in terms of its ability to work with limited hardware such as Playstation 4 it comes at a price in terms that it may not deliver as high a quality experience as its competitors.

"If you ask me for the highest-end quality, yes, I must admit that Oculus Rift may offer a quality of virtual reality better than ours, however it requires a very fast and very expensive PC to run. The main virtue of Sony is that our helmet works with PS4 ", wanted to make clear the executive." It is more for daily use, so it is easy to use and must be affordable. It's not for the person who owns a high-end PC, it's for the mass market. "