At Sony they believe enormously in the potential of Ghost of Tsushima

They think they have announced the new Sucker Punch project at the right time.

Michael Denny, one of the main managers of Sony At the level of his studies related to video games, he spoke in an interview with the North American entertainment portal Gamespot about one of the most exciting projects involving exclusives on the table for PS4: Ghost of Tsushima.

"I think there is a right time to announce video games, and I think we have learned a lot from other distributors," Denny said about the doubts that some fans had about a Sucker Punch that he had raised certain suspicions by not announcing a new video game for so long.

"In the past I think we have announced video games too early," the executive acknowledged in his remarks. "And this is such a big project for Sucker Punch ... It's the title they've always wanted to do, and I think, like I say, it's the perfect time to announce it because it's been in development for a long time. There is already a playable version of the program, and we are very excited to unveil the game. "