What platform does Ubisoft sell the most games on?

The French company presented a record revenue figure in the first quarter of 2018.

Ubisoft has exceeded all sales expectations during the first quarter of 2018. The other day we already anticipated that in its latest financial results report, Ubisoft has indicated record revenues of 400 million euros.This, in large part, is due to the growth of "recurring player investment", which is the set of downloadable content, season passes, subscriptions and purchases within the games. A detail that has caught our attention is that in the detail of sales by platforms it continues to dominate Playstation 4, although Pc has surpassed Xbox One as the second most popular platform. In fact, game sales are down on both PS4 and Xbox One when compared to the same report last year. The only platforms that have increased in sales have been PC and Switch.

The financial reports of Ubisoft show that the publisher's games perform well on all platforms, so most likely sales on Sony and Microsoft have been maintained, but that those of PC and Switch have risen a lot and have taken part of the percentage pie. It is possible that Ubisoft will strengthen its support for both platforms from now on. In recent years, the company has worked hard to make good PC versions of games like The Division, For Honor, Far cry 5 or Rainbow six siege, and that is reflected in its popularity on platforms such as Steam or UPlay itself. Let's hope things continue like this and we can avoid more problematic versions like the one in Assassin's creed origins on PC until its successive patches arrived.