In Naughty Dog they were aware that they could lose fans with the slow start of Uncharted 4

"Some people don't realize that a video game starts until you pick up a gun and start shooting."

Neil Druckmann, the chief creative officer at the script level for Uncharted 4: A Thief's End, has spoken with the prestigious magazine Rolling Stone about some of the fears they had regarding certain aspects that are somewhat more experimental than usual in the series for the latest adventure of Nathan drake.

“I am always nervous about how a video game is going to be received, or how successful it is going to be, or whether it will be able to make the investment back. I guess that means I know we're going to lose certain people. I know people at NeoGAF who are currently complaining about the start of the video game, because I read to them sometimes. They hate how slow it is, ”stated Druckmann.

"Some people do not perceive that a video game starts until you pick up a gun and start shooting," the creative wanted to make clear. “That, for them, is the video game. It's okay with me if we lose some of these people. Hopefully we will replace them with other people who are intrigued by the somewhat slower pace that we propose on this occasion ”.