The transfer of the Red Dead Redemption map to GTA 5 is underway

The Rockstar video game continues to demonstrate its versatility and the community showcases its enormous talent.

A team of mod creators has announced their intention to bring the map of the outstanding Red Dead Redemption to the no less remarkable GTA V, with a modification of the latter that includes all the locations of the adventure of John marston as well as some succulent extras.

With the goal of "getting as close to the original as possible", the group .White has presented a FAQ with some interesting questions where, in addition, they promise that they will soon have a trailer as a teaser so that we can check how the video game looks.

With additions such as tessellation or effects like parallax occlusion mapping Graphically and with multiplayer support, it is a really ambitious proposal that will enter beta as soon as in the summer of this year.

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