In the upper echelons of Sony, a future without PlayStation 5 is even considered

A series of interesting confessions from an industry veteran, who would comprise a PlayStation 4 review soon.

Confusing moment for the future of the current two platforms of Sony Y Microsoft. It seems that PlayStation is thinking about a new version of Playstation 4 that would adopt the name of Neo; similar experiments have been known on Xbox in recent times with Xbox One. None has pronounced or made anything official, but an industry veteran of the category of Lorne lanning, one of the creators of Oddworld Inhabitants and Abe's adventures, he shared an interesting talk he had with the president of the Sony Worldwide Studio, Shuhei Yoshida on the generational future of PlayStation.

He has explained it for the American portal Game Informer in an interesting talk without saving too many details. During a dinner that Lanning had with Yoshida before a conference in which they had to speak together, he asked him what the future of the brand would be like with PlayStation 5. Neither short nor lazy, Yoshida clarified (and reiterated later) “you mean if the there is, ”a response that stunned Lanning, he said. Although it seemed that it would be discussed in said talk they had at the event DICE 2015 Last February, this talk did not end up touching on the topic of a hypothetical absence of a fifth generation of PlayStation consoles.

Lanning explained his point of view on consoles and the different extensions they are undergoing, also in theory, in recent times: “The idea of ​​launching a platform that is capable of withstanding the next seven years is less and less viable. ”, And justifies the possible new hardware launches with which they have been speculating in recent times. The boss of the Xbox division, Phil SpencerHe did talk about a hypothetical fourth generation of Xbox consoles a few months ago.