In France they speculate with an imminent presentation of PlayStation 4 Neo

It would perform at an event in New York City in early September.

The French medium Gameblog has located in next September 7 a hypothetical presentation of Sony in New York from his new console, PlayStation 4 Neo. The event has not been specified or confirmed yet by the Japanese company, so we will have to wait for news in the coming weeks to know if the future of PlayStation consoles will be presented before the Tokyo Game Show late September.

PlayStation 4 Neo was confirmed by Sony itself days before starting the past E3 2016. Its technical specifications and possibilities have not gone beyond rumors and developer leaks. The Japanese company recommended its future users and interested parties not to pay too much attention to these specifications until they finalize the final ones.

It is known that all PlayStation 4 games will be compatible with Neo until the end of the generation.