In April an unbeatable "Crew" arrives at the Wootbox

Luffy, Stan Marsch's gang or Sheldon Cooper's squad of scientists are waiting for you.

Who hasn't dreamed of joining Luffy's crew, Stan Marsch's gang or Sheldon Cooper's squad of scientists? In April, the Wootbox surprise box offers you to revalue upwards your circle of friends with the most eccentric and crazy characters created by geek culture.

Wootbox invites you to be part of some of the most emblematic "crew" in the universe of video games, series and manga. On this occasion, there will be an appointment: passionate debates with Sheldon and Leonard on the laws of quantum physics, learning about "brown noise" with Cartman, naval expeditions in the company of Jarl de Kattegat or the search for One Piece under the orders of Sombrero. straw.

Still not convinced? This month, the Wootbox team has a surprise in store for you! One Wooter in ten will be lucky enough to find a special figurine valued at € 24.90 in their box. Therefore, the April Wootbox will have a value between € 61 and € 70.90!

As every month, you can enter and subscribe to the box with 100% 'geek' culture starting at € 19.99. In addition, with each subscription you enter the draw for a MegaWootbox that contains € 2,000 in figurines and high-tech products. In March, for example, the winners of this raffle will receive at home a Nintendo Switch, a collector's edition of the game Horizon Zero Dawn or a Blu Ray pack of the mythical Dragon Ball Z. Watch out, every month it changes!