Tactical western Desperados 3 releases new free content and releases a bug fix

THQ Nordic and Mimimi have shown on video all the news of the first critical update after a month.

After a short month of launch, the publisher THQ Nordic and the developer Mimimi Games they have launched update 1.2 for Desperados 3 which adds four new "Baron's Challenge" missions for Flagstone, Greater Higgins' Estate, Eagle Falls and DeVitt House. In addition, stability and performance improvements will be implemented, as well as the correction of some errors related to the crash of the game.

The missions go through to disappear to an oil salesman, flirt with him voodoo during a wedding, transport two corpses to the train station without being detected or to finish with five targets selected by Doc. A habitual hunt that extends the already known experience of the western.

Four new missions to continue unleashing the carnage In addition, now you can exit the game without previously minimizing it and there will be an exclusive full-screen mode that will not have problems with performance. Compatibility has been improved with rendering scale and now users will be able to run the game at 8192 × 8192. The request to make it screen compatible was also attended to ultra wide.

You can now see the video advance with all the news of update 1.2. If you want to know more about Desperados 3, we recommend that you take a look at our analysis of the game. After investing a few hours in it, we concluded that we were facing the best tactical game and Commandos style that is playable today.