The Unreal Engine 4 adapts to virtual reality

The parents of Gears of War and Unreal present in a video how their technology works.

Epic games has been doing his first steps with the technology of virtual reality, which months ago they made it clear they were very interested. So much so, that finally its graphics engine Unreal Engine 4 It has been fully adapted to it as they show us in a video.

It has been the founder of the study, Tim Sweeney, together with the technical director of Epic Games, Mike Fricker, those in charge of showing how the new editor of the Unreal Engine 4 already adapted in its entirety to virtual reality works. Thanks to this, they explain, developers will be able to create content for Oculus Rift or HTC Vive using the motion controls of this technology.

Something that in some aspects will greatly facilitate the work of developers, who will be able to see "from the inside" how their creations look. The video that we include in this news item perfectly illustrates the enormous potential of this editing tool.

Epic Games has not specified when this new virtual reality-based editor will be available. They promise to give more details about him at the next Game Developers Conference that will take place in mid-March.