The latest Uncharted 4 trailer includes an illustration of Assassin's Creed IV

Ubisoft has joked about the matter, and Sony has apologized for what they say is "an unfortunate mistake."

This is the illustration that appeared in the Uncharted 4 trailer. The image has already been modified.

Naughty dog has surprised us today with a spectacular trailer of Uncharted 4, but it has also become an involuntary protagonist of a situation that should not go beyond simple curiosity. The reason? In the video an illustration of Assassin's Creed IV, which has obviously motivated people from Ubisoft to joke about the matter more or less viciously.

Specifically, it has been one of those responsible for the brand, Azaïzia Aymar, who has thrown the puja with the most bad slobber, because with much irony he has stated on Twitter that he now understands why the word "thief" appears in the title of Uncharted 4 .

Given this situation, Naughty Dog has reviewed the trailer, which now shows a new illustration in the box, while Sony has apologized for what they define as a "regrettable mistake."

"In our eagerness to publish the plot trailer, we made a mistake and did not thoroughly review the art we use for a painting within the game. We have already updated the trailer," they report from Sony. "We always hold art in high regard and accept full responsibility for allowing this to happen. We offer our sincerest apologies to Ubisoft, the Assassin’s Creed team, the artist of the original work and our fans," they say from Naughty Dog.