The last trailer for The Last of Us: Part II "ran" on PS4 Pro

It was featured during Paris Games Week and featured new characters.

The Last of Us: Part II Yesterday he had the opportunity to show off his extremely raw action in a new trailer shown during Paris Games Week 2017, and he did so with visual fidelity worthy of admiration. In case we doubted if a pre-rendered scene is locked, Neil Druckman, director of the game, has clarified in a PlayStation blog post that it was a cinematic reproduced in real time with the game engine and captured on a PS4 Pro system.

"[In the trailer] you have a scene from the game with the latest version of the Naughty Dog engine, running on a PlayStation 4 Pro. Enjoy it!" says Druckman. Precisely, squeezing the available hardware to extract the best possible graphic quality is one of the strengths of the Californian study, so there are few doubts about The Last of Us: Part 2 in this regard.