The Final Fantasy VII Remake trailer of 2015 and the one of 2019 head-to-head, has it improved?

A comparison helps to see the differences between the highly anticipated Square Enix video game.

Few expected to hear from Final Fantasy VII Remake this past week, but it seems there is still room for surprises in the video game industry. After a few years in silence, the highly anticipated remake of the seventh installment was shown again in the second State of Play of Sony. Beyond the good news and confirming that we will know more about the title in the next month of June, it has also been worth to compare what was shown in 2015 with what was seen in 2019. Has the remake improved or worsened?

As seen in the clip shared by the YouTube channel Cycu1, it seems that in general Final Fantasy VII: Remake has improved compared to what was seen in 2015. However, it is true that the Square Enix title looks somewhat worse in battles than then. It is worth remembering that there have been many changes made in its development in recent times, including the cancellation of one of the projects started by CyberConnect2. However, and seeing the same elements in both videos, it seems that material has been rescued from the failed attempt.

The next Final Fantasy VII Remake appointment with users seems to be E3. Do not hesitate to check dates and times of E3 2019 to know more about the video game starring Cloud, Barret and company.

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