Observer's Cyberpunk Horror Coming To PS4 Too

New from the authors of Layers of Fear premieres this summer.

"What would you do if someone hacked your fears?" With this premise, Observer is presented, a first-person cyberpunk survival horror announced a few months ago for PC by the hand of Bloober Team, creators of Layers of Fear. Now, those responsible have confirmed the premiere of the proposal on PS4 for this summer.

The proposal takes his ideas from a retro cyberpunk world, with a marked touch of Eastern Europe, where crime, high technology and an all-powerful corporation with perverse intentions inhabit. In this setting, his creatives sought what role the police would play in it, and thus created the "observers"- An elite neural police unit with the authority to hack into suspects' brains using their neural implants, which now everyone uses because it's 2084.

The production, as we say, will also arrive on PC prior to the aforementioned launch window, and promises to be a work of terror "different horror, something deeper, more cerebral and psychological" compared to the notable Layers of Fear.