Survival horror Daymare: 1998 cancels its Kickstarter

Its managers are negotiating with different partners to carry out the production.

Invader Studios today announced the closure of the Daymare: 1998 crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. Survival horror, born as a Resident Evil 2 remake project, set the goal of reaching a gross of $ 180,000 in mid-February, a far cry from the $ 40,000 raised. However, far from being discouraged, those in charge have appreciated the support shown and are already looking for other ways to save production.

"Our goal was high. We knew it was high and that there was a great risk of not achieving it. But we are far from being disappointed. Almost 1,200 people believed in us, that gives us strength and hope to continue," they explain in an update on the crowdfunding campaign. "We are happy to announce that we are having discussions with some partners," they added. The adventure is also on Steam Greenlight, where it is progressing smoothly for its 2018 release.

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