Korean survival horror White Day comes to PS4 in August

It is a remake of a video game considered cult in the Asian country.

Through the PlayStation blog, we learned how White Day: A Labyrinth Named School will be released in the West for the month of August for PS4. The production is, specifically, a remake of "a cult classic" of terror released in South Korea in 2001 where players, in first person, will follow the story of Hui-min Lee, a new student at Yeondoo High School who he is trapped in the building at night and haunted by possessed assassins and evil ghosts.

"ROI Games has completely redeveloped the game, improving graphics and sound, redesigning the mechanics and even adding a completely new character and story in this version to create the definitive version (and, of course, the most chilling) of this legendary title And not only have we included the option to play in English for our western fans, but the game has also been translated into Spanish, French, Italian, German and Russian ", explain those responsible.

"The game will come with all of your favorite features of the genre, including challenging puzzles, health mechanics and resource-based game saves, stealth exploration with flashlight and item management. On top of all this, we have a level-boosting horror system and the frequency of ghost attacks when playing at higher difficulties ", they add in a note where they also explain how White Day is a kind of Valentine's Day in the Asian country.

Survival horror will arrive exclusively on consoles for PlayStation 4, although it is also scheduled for release on PC and Mac, via Steam, on a date yet to be determined.