The samurai will fight in Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood

Square Enix introduces this new class of character with spectacular cinematics.

At a special event Square enix has confirmed what many were eager to hear: the samurai will join the fight in Final Fantasy XIV Online - Stormblood, the new content expansion of this great MMORPG that opens in stores on June 20 with a good handful of news.

Until now the presence of the Red Wizards had only been confirmed as a new class of character; the samurai has been made known, as usual in the Japanese company, with a spectacular cinematic sequence that you can see in this news. This will be an attacking class, DPS, that unlike the other novelty, which bets on magic, will focus its action on the use of katanas and other weapons of the style.

It is not the only novelty that has been released. Square Enix also confirms the arrival of a new Primal, Susano, to which we will measure ourselves in the vast new territory to which Stormblood gives life, the land of Ala Mihgo. On the other hand, the Japanese have unveiled a new residential area, called Shirogane, with an oriental style.

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