Everspace 2's Space Role Shown In Explosive Trailer, Introducing New Details

After its successful Kickstarter campaign, the reinvention of the classic shows its alpha with all the news.

Following the successful Kickstarter campaigns promoted by Rockfish Games, Everspace 2 will arrive on Steam in Early Access in December of this year, the date of which was changed to not coincide with Cyberpunk 2077. His eagerness to expand and improve the experience of the original game has earned him more of 90,000 downloads of their demo and an increase of more than 155,000 people who added it to their wish lists on the Valve platform.

The July Kickstarter update has previewed its alpha, in addition to sharing details about the second star system, Union, new features planned for early access, and a small preview of the benefits associated with a New Character that will accompany the player during the experience.

In addition to a second star system, new characters have been shown. Trade will play a larger role in Union, offering opportunities for the transportation of legal goods and the smuggling of less legal substances. Local authorities, the Okkar, will enforce their laws at gunpoint, leaving players to choose between fleeing to another star system or fighting through increasingly difficult waves of enemies as their level of pursuit increases. .

The Dr. Delia Wendo, the third player companion to meet during her journey, granting access to perks affecting Nano Bots, Energy Orbs, and an unannounced feature. Everspace 2 is scheduled to launch its Closed Beta in Fall 2020, then Early Access a few months later and the full version on the first quarter of 2022. A 10-minute gameplay with details of its action is now also available.