Valkyrie Profile's role could return in the future

In Square Enix there is a proposal to create the third chapter of the saga, although nothing has been decided.

The producer of Star Ocean 5 has given the surprise when confirming during a talk with the Japanese magazine Dengeki that he has on the table for a long time the proposal to create the long-awaited Valkyrie Profile 3, although at the moment there are no concrete plans to develop this role-playing adventure.

The question has arisen when talking about the content of Valkyrie Profile 2 that includes Star Ocean: Integrity & Faithlessness, but at that point Shuichi Kobayashi has been quite clear: "if it does not sell, there will be no sequel." And it does not seem that his prospects for success are very promising, although the Japanese creative does not lose hope. "If the world was a place where everyone plays all kinds of video games, I would be able to find a way to create the next game," he says.

Asked directly about the sequels of Star Ocean 5 and Valkyrie Profile II, Kobayashi has surprised by confirming that at least they are on paper. "To be frank, there is a proposal on my computer. I am going to show it to you right now!", Has responded on this question, leaving journalists stunned.