GoldenEye 64 fan remake ceases development due to James Bond license issues

Its managers are now looking to convert the work done into a new shooter inspired by classics from the 90s.

I was aiming for fun, but the thing will have to stay there. Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Y Danjaq, a holding company responsible for trademarks and characters of James bond, they have contacted those responsible for the remake of GoldenEye 007 to ask them "kindly" to stop their development.

"This was always up in the air as a serious possibility, but we have done everything possible to move forward with the project," explains the team in charge of GoldenEye 25 in a letter shared via Twitter. We can't make a James Bond video game, but we can still make a great video game with all the elements that our favorite action shooter video game from the 90s had, "he adds.

In this way, as has happened on other occasions, those in charge will have to abandon all the recognizable aspects of the agent at the service of His Majesty and replace them with new and original ones that allow to take advantage of a good part of their work. Those interested in following the adventures of this new project may do so through Project Ianus, name of this shooter inspired by 90s classics.

Goldeneye 25 was born with the objective several years ago to recreate in Unreal Engine 4 the campaign of this Rare classic for Nintendo 64 to celebrate the 25th anniversary of its launch in 2022. Now those responsible will have to pay tribute to it indirectly, something that already It happened, for example, with Daymare: 1998, which was born from the ashes of an unofficial remake of Resident Evil 2 and was released a few months ago.