Shadow of the Colossus remake on show at Paris Games Week

The masterpiece of Fumito Ueda returns to the load and a specific release date for February 6.

Although it may seem incredible, one of the most anticipated projects by many fans in the early stages of 2018 is the remake Shadow of the Colossus out on PS4. That is why his presence has been one of the most cheers has raised among fans of the conference of the Japanese company in the Paris Games Week.

If the video game was presented in June of this year during the E3 2017, Sony has offered a new look at the launch in the form of a lengthy gameplay demo that has shown the hero and his Agro horse fighting some of the majestic creatures that populate the fascinating world of Fumito Ueda.

However, the most intense moment was when its release date was announced, which is set for the day February 6th next year 2018.