Fumito Ueda's next game will be "very different"

The father of The Last Guardian wants to distance himself from his previous projects and work faster.

During a conversation with Eurogamer at the Gamelab event in Barcelona, ​​the renowned creative Fumito Ueda, responsible after The Last Guardian, has anticipated that his new project will be less like his previous video games.

After a cumbersome translation work, there is a visible exercise of honesty on the part of the Japanese creative, who recognizes notable similarities between Ico, Shadow of the Colossus Y The Last Guardian. "Between my last three games there was no intention of them being alike. Every time I start working on a game, I always think I'm doing something different. But it turns out that all three share certain similarities. There is a time when it can be linked. one game with another, but that does not happen in the conception of the game, but during development ".

So Ueda proceeds to start his project using other methods. The idea, he says, is to start with a prototype rather than a powerful visual reference like a short movie. Since the tools already exist, you don't need to start from scratch, so development would be faster than the endless The Last Guardian. "I would like to finish this game as soon as possible. There were a lot of problems that made The Last Guardian wait longer."

Apart from this, Ueda had already expressed in the past his will to make a game with a more open style, but for now we have to be content with knowing that there is a remake of the more than remarkable Shadow of the Colossus in the works for PlayStation 4, although the director himself is not involved in its development.