The promising PlayStation 4 Nioh shines on video

It is the demonstration of this action game that Team Ninja took to the last Tokyo Game Show.

It has been a few months since the action game Ni-Oh returned to give signs of life during the last Tokyo Game Show in September 2015, but it has not been until now that the veteran Team ninja has published an extensive video showing the demo that the Japanese were able to enjoy at their video game fair.

This video, about six minutes long, allows us to contemplate some of the most outstanding features of this third-person action and role-playing game that will be released on PlayStation 4 throughout 2016.

Nioh puts us at the controls of a samurai named William, who must face other humans and demonic creatures using his skills as a swordsman. Due to its combat style, there are not few who compare this work with the popular Dark Souls.