Doom for SNES programmer releases original source code for console port

The Nintendo version required a completely new engine to run on the platform.

Over the years, and the evolution of consoles, preserve history of video games has become a much more difficult task than many might think. Some titles have been weighed down by their archaic formats, others their studies have lost the original code, and several are directly missing. Luckily, it seems that the Super Nintendo Doom will not have the same fortune.

For those who did not know, the SNES Doom It was released in 1995 as a port of the original PC game released two years earlier, and developed by Sculptured Software instead of id Software. But it was not a direct port. Without the original code, and with the limitations of SNES, the chief programmer Randal linden had to create a completely new engine from scratch (RAGE - Reality Advanced Gaming Engine) to adapt the game to the Nintendo console. One that will remain for posterity, since its creator uploaded the source code to GitHub of the game in full, and available to everyone.

As noted in PC Gamer, the programmer Randal Linden has published in his GitHub repository the code with which he gave life to Doom on Super Nintendo, to ensure that his technical work last for the memory, and do not see yourself a victim of the passage of time like so many others. And, surely, more than one astute modder will know how to take advantage of it to create some new retro game as a tribute to the title of id Software, Clear.

The fact is that this is great news for the preservation of classic games, which guarantees that the port of Doom can be maintained as it was made even over the years. This year we saw how a user recreated the first complete Doom in id Tech 4, and also how an AI turned the protagonist of Doom into a person of flesh and blood with a much better result than expected. But if what you want is to delve into the history of the mythical id shooter, in this article we review 8 secrets and technical curiosities of the first Doom.

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