The Street Fighter V producer assures that the changes in R. Mika and Cammy are an internal decision of the studio

Yoshinori Ono guarantees that they have not been influenced by elements outside the game: the objective is "that nobody feels uncomfortable".

Street Fighter V (R.Mika vs Cammy)

A few days ago a discreet change was revealed in the somewhat erotic exhibitions of two fighters from the new Street Fighter V. The slapping of one of their buttocks before executing a Critical Art in the case of Rainbow Mika and the compromised point of view of Cammy's crotch were removed in the last beta by changing the camera on both runs. What was the decision made about? It has been explained by its producer, Yoshinori Ono.

"We have not made any changes because of external influences: these are changes that have been decided internally. We decided to change the movements because we want to access a maximum number of people to access in the future. We do not want anyone who plays to feel uncomfortable for some of our decisions, "he said in the Brazilian media UOL Jogos. Street Fighter V will be released on February 16 on PC and PlayStation 4.