The producer of Star Ocean 5 wants to continue the series trying "something new"

The Japanese creative also wants to create a new JRPG that reaches the West as soon as possible.

Just released in the West, the producer of Star Ocean: Integrity & Faithlessness has expressed his desire to continue working on this renowned series of Japanese role-playing adventures, according to the specialized portal

It was during a talk at an exhibition dedicated to the world of anime where Suichi Kobayashi He has confirmed that he wants to work on a new JRPG right now and bring it to the West as soon as possible, although he has not clarified if this video game is linked to the Star Ocean series, or is a completely original title.

On the most recent Star Ocean 5, the Japanese creative clarifies that his intention was to create a video game that feels traditional, but everything will change if they are allowed to work on a new title in the franchise, with which they will try to try something "completely new ".

Regarding the design of Integrity and Faithlessness, Kobayashi has also commented that they sought to create a cast of main characters close to what was seen in Star Ocean 3. With the potential of PS4, they also wanted a mix between the manga and a more realistic tone.

At the moment Square Enix has not spoken about its future plans for Star Ocean, something that in principle will depend on the reception that its new episode has among fans of the Japanese role.