Kingdom Hearts 3's first DLC will be called ReMIND

Tetsuya Nomura, game director, gives the first details.

Some Japanese fans are sharing on Twitter (via Resetera) details about the first paid DLC for Kingdom Hearts III, named ReMIND. Apparently, Tetsuya Nomura himself - director of the game - has revealed this information at the end of a thematic concert held this weekend in Tokyo, but an official statement has not yet been issued about it.

If we trust the veracity of this source, Kingdom Hearts III ReMIND includes a new scenario and allows us to access two new episodes, each with their own boss. In parallel, a free DLC containing a Keyblade will also be released.

We already knew that Kingdom Hearts III would have a great DLC at the end of this year, but a priori it does not seem like this. Unfortunately, no audiovisual material from ReMIND has been made available and no estimated release date has been specified. It is curious, on the other hand, that Kingdom Hearts 3 now appears in the DLC section of PlayStation Network, so it would not be strange if the announcement came soon.

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