The president of Nintendo earns 1.7 million euros a year

Unveiled the salary of Satoru Iwata, one of the lowest paid of the great executives of video games.

Shatoru Iwata, President of Nintendo

Satoru Iwata, the president of NintendoHe is the chief executive of one of the most successful companies in the video game universe, and as such many would think that he has an inordinately high salary; Or, at least, well above what other CEOs of companies charge right now.

The Andriasang portal has stated that the annual salary Satoru Iwata's is 78 million yen, which translates into much less than a million euros, which rises to 1.7 million that end up being the total of your salary through performance bonuses.

This figure, for example, pales before the 14 million dollars that Bobby Kotick - CEO of Activision - earned in 2008 or the 9 million, also dollars, that Howard Stringer, CEO of Sony, earns.

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