Timothy vs the Aliens platformer launches January 31

It is a proposal developed by a Spanish study within the PlayStation Talents program for PS4.

Sony Interactive Entertainment Spain has scheduled for next January 31 the launch of Timothy vs the Aliens, an action and platform proposal developed by the Valencian studio Wild Sphere within the PlayStation Talents program, with the support of Lanzadera, exclusively for PlayStation.

"The game is set in an open world in black and white that contrasts with the colorful aliens and that combines platforms, puzzles and action. In a big city full of characters, stories and missions, Timothy, a tough and proud gangster, will fight against some elusive enemies driving the vehicles in their path and making use of powerful weapons such as: a machine gun, a shotgun, a magnum or a revolver. In this way this will take the player to the authentic gangster movies with a touch of black humor and eccentric ", they describe in a press release.

The game can be purchased on the PS Network in Europe at a price of 19.99 euros.