The PS VR bundle with PlayStation Camera and Move will cost $ 499.99

The camera is essential for helmet use. At the moment his arrival on European territory has not been confirmed.

It was one of the news of the week: PlayStation VR already has a release date and price on the European continent. Next October for 399 euros you can get one. However, you may have to bear the extra expense of buying one PlayStation Camera If you do not have it yet, since it is an essential accessory for the operation of the PlayStation 4 virtual reality headset.

Faced with the present circumstance, the American subsidiary of Sony has decided to launch a virtual reality headset pack with PlayStation Camera and two Playstation move to complete and have everything you need to run the helmet. The pack will be completed with headphones, wiring for the hardware, the disk PlayStation VR Worlds and a few demos for $ 499.99. Reservations in the United States will begin next March 22.

At the moment the launch of a similar pack on the European continent has not been finalized. What is a fact is the number of cameras and Move that have been sold in recent days after knowing the price and date of PlayStation VR. Although some games will feature Move, it is not a vital accessory for the vast majority of titles that are currently being made.