The goal of the new Sony Interactive Entertainment: "Deep connection with the user of PlayStation"

He is happy about the placid change between Sony Computer Entertainment and Sony Interactive Entertainment

The last general meeting of shareholders of Sony has yielded remarkable core statements after PlayStation and the new Sony Interactive Entertainment. In fact, Andrew House wanted to highlight how good and placid the migration of the old Sony Computer Entertainment to Sony Interactive Entertainment, a move that is much more complicated than meets the eye within the company.

House ensures that the company's division focuses more on PlayStation and its strength within video games, as highlighted by the American portal DualShockers. It has centered the activities of the former Sony Network Entertainment to adapt it to the new times and put it at the service of the PlayStation brand in what it considers a logical step to combine two traditionally different areas in the same entity.

It has resulted in three benefits: games and network services function as a single entity with which decision-making has been accelerated, it has increased the benefits at Sony as the owner of the platform and the transactions that are made within the PlayStation Store and its own ecosystem. As around the world, digital game sales are growing significantly, a circumstance that translates into higher revenues for the company.

The third benefit is that the growth of the firm is guaranteed as long as they take advantage of the advantages of both entities: better distribution channels, a wider audience and greater control over the content that exists. The Japanese have agreed in a meeting that they will continue to develop original material in video game, television and film formats.