The new Spider-Man, Miles Morales, will have great prominence on PS4

Insomniac is counting on Miles, confirms the game's director in a recent interview.

Peter Parker will be the main protagonist of the new Spider-Man video game, does that mean that Miles Morales will have a supporting role in the PS4 title? Unlike. The character, confirmed in the game trailer in the past E3, will be one of the main attractions of the plot of the new software Marvel. Speaking with GamesTM magazine, its director, Bryan Intihar, acknowledged that "I fell in love with the character."

"Just as Mary Jane can offer a different perspective on the world, I think that Miles and Peter's relationship can also add something. I think it will surprise people," he said. He did specify that Miles' original role was different from the one he has now, specifying that "he did not have as much prominence as now, but when we started working with the character we began to read more and more about him."

"Miles is younger than Peter, and the relationship between the two is unique. We said we wanted to create a new Spider-Man universe that takes note of what is being done in theaters and comics today, but we also commented that we wanted to sign something unique and different, "he recalled," I'm excited about the direction he's taking. "

The new Spider-Man video game, developed by the creators of Sunset Overdrive or Ratchet and clankis coming to PS4 in 2018.