God of War parents' new project Sony Santa Monica forces them to seek out new talent

New job openings to assist in the production of his next AAA game on PlayStation 4, which there aren't many clues about yet.

Simple and clear: "We are hiring in an important way for our next great video game for PlayStation 4" is the tweet that has hung Sony Santa Monica Studio to announce new hires in your studio. What the new video game could be is still a mystery, but PlayStation fans will be happy to know that the next thing they will launch will be "big" and for their home machine.

Being one of the most valuable studios in the PlayStation family in the second and third generation of game consoles. SonyThe truth is that it has been quite absent on PlayStation 4. They have had no luck: a few months ago it was revealed that they had to cancel what seemed to be their first project for the machine, Darkside. We will see if the new does justice to the name of the firm.