Square Enix's new studio in Tokyo works on a CGI documentary

Luminous Productions is collaborating on a production about human evolution.

Square enix announced days ago that he was opening a new studio in Tokyo, Luminous Productions, by veteran Hajime Tabata and other creatives after Final Fantasy XV, and today they have unveiled the first project they have embarked on. It is a documentary on human evolution made with computer-generated graphics.

The Birth of Humanity is a documentary by NHK which will broadcast its first episode on April 8; its second chapter arrives on May 13 and, the last, will do so on June 10. For now we have some first images that denote the spectacular work carried out by Square Enix, which has created a CGI sequence with 4K resolution that visually could be compared to a real image sequence, according to its authors.

To shape the video, we have worked with motion capture technology, which in this first episode of The Birth of Humanity will show primates taking their first steps.